Our Story

10 years ago, a man embarked on a soul-searching journey to the suburban area of the Central Vietnam. He was longing for something that’s larger life, than his daily grind of making means. One day, while he was tracing a small trail that was supposed to take him further into a small fishing village, he stumbled upon a colossal hill of white sand. Making his way up to the top of the hill, facing the East Sea, he suddenly knelled down, his body started shaking with amazement.

What he saw was beyond his wildest imagination. At the end of the horizon, there was ranges of mountains standing next to each other shaping the form of the mighty Buddha lying above the sea. As the sun went down, the mystical shape became clearer. Filed with joy and serenity, the man sat down and start mediating. At that moment right there, he realized that he has found what he has been longing for. He has found true serenity.

That man in the story is the founder of White Sand Doc Let Resort and Spa – a luxurious resort lying on top the White Sand hill, embracing 600 meters of the Van Phong Bay shoreline – the most beautiful beach of Khanh Hoa province ranked by Trip Advisor. White Sand is 45 kilometers away from Nha Trang city and 90 kilometers from the airport.